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2014-08-19 09:59 pm
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basically just cliche stuff i like
please indulge me i am begging you

hogwarts au fantastic beasts roaring twenties au
□ pacific rim au x20
incredibly dumb texting
fake dating/marriage for a mission
body heat!!
spies au, full on james bond campness
□ thief au
□ thieves in space
□ everything in space tbh
□ bodyguard au (see also royal au)
□ heists
□ prison escape
□ starfleet academy au is the only school based au i'm interested in xoxo
□ accidental boners
falling asleep on ( with or without accidental boners )
□ taking selfies
□ slow dancing ( so embarrassing )
□ murderous boyfriends or girlfriends ( someone let me play dolores, moriarty, amy dunne, and helena bertinelli basically )
□ eggsy hanging out with natasha romanoff/james bond/napoleon solo/insert spy here
□ cdc au
□ star wars au
□ westworld au!! hosts or guests
□ politician au veep style where everyone is awful
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2014-04-27 02:40 pm
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comments, concrit, suggestions, anything else.
anon is on; ip logging is off
comments are unscreened, but will be screened upon request
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2014-04-27 02:40 pm
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gal based in the uk. studies business. adores theatre.
mainly around on psl's these days. contact via pm.

currently into:
asoiaf, borderlands, broad city, d. gray man, game of thrones, hadestown,
jane the virgin, marvel comics, mcu, star wars, westworld