Aug. 19th, 2014 09:59 pm
locution: (Default)
basically just cliche stuff i like
please indulge me xoxo

hogwarts au
□ fantastic beasts roaring twenties au
□ pacific rim au x20
fake dating/marriage for a mission
body heat!!
spies au, full on james bond campness
□ thief au
□ thieves in space
□ everything in space tbh
□ bodyguard au (see also royal au/royal bodyguard au WHERE THEY FALL IN LOVE)
□ heists
□ prison escape
□ starfleet academy au 
□ accidental boners
falling asleep on ( with or without accidental boners )
□ taking selfies
□ slow dancing
□ murderous boyfriends or girlfriends ( someone let me play dolores, moriarty, amy dunne, and helena bertinelli basically )
□ cross-canon spies hanging out with natasha romanoff/james bond/napoleon solo/insert spy here
□ cdc au
□ star wars au
□ westworld au!! hosts or guests
□ politician au veep style where everyone is awful